We design integrated campaigns for our clients using traditional media such as: television, radio, press, outdoor, cinema as well as digital channels, including: programmatic, content marketing, social media, video, mobile. We also work with partner agencies to organise PR and BTL activity. Because of the tight integration of all the departments within Media Group the planning is geared solely towards the needs of the client not the preferences of the planner or agency, and we achieve a high standard for all media. We have an experienced team of media managers each with many years working on both standard forms of communication and non-standard solutions, such as branded content.

Creating the Marketing Strategy.

How much to invest in Marketing? Which communication channels should we use? When should the campaign run? If you are looking for answers to these questions- you’ve come to the right place! 25 year in the Polish media market, an experienced and tested team of experts, and thousands of run media campaigns – these are why our advice is effective and the guarantee of a successful media campaign with us.


We combine short-term sales goals with long-term brand building. In our work we are always looking for solutions that will generate the consumer response that our client wants. Many of our clients have stayed with us for many years. This is the best proof for us that they value what we do for them.

zespoł ludzi
zespoł ludzi

Independence, profitability and trust.

Over the past 25 we have won hundreds of tenders with a total value of over one and a half billion Polish zloty, competing directly with the large network agencies. This would not have been possible if we did not have competitive prices for media buying as well as a strong reputation for top quality strategic thinking.


We know that our clients are making an important decision when deciding to work with us – that’s why good relationships and mutual trust are important for us, which we build with high levels of client service and quality of work.

Working with Clients.

The strength of our company depends on the growth of our clients’ business and their competitive advantage. Our work is only effective when it is reflected in the business results of brands for which we build media campaigns. That is why the client and the client’s brands are always in the centre of our attention. Working on a project, we are always looking for answers to questions about the competition, the consumer and the market in which the client operates. All this to offer the best possible media solution.