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Branded content
& non standard.

For some of our client Branded Content & non-standard solutions are a good option- so we have developed our capabilities in this wide field – with a focus on exploiting the environment to add value to the brand. Some example projects that we have worked on recently:

  • placement of short information stories about safety on railways for young children in kids magazine programmes

  • cooperation with influencers – toy unwrapping on You Tube

  • placement of the sponsor brand of sports events in breakfast programmes

  • large scale city mural campaign for a client’s anniversary

  • production and animation of children’s educational topics on TV

  • product placement in popular comedy series

Each task is different and specifically tailored for each product or brand we are promoting. That is why we don’t have a closed list of activities that we can implement as part of your advertising campaign - our creative and experienced team will find a solution that will be novel and effective using a range of channels e.g. TV, press or digital.

Maria is in charge of our branded content department