Dimag Digital Marketing Qualification

If you are looking for answers to some of the questions below, you are in the right place.

I hope that this information will encourage you to take the challenge of confirming your digital qualifications.

  1. What is Dimaq?
  2. Who is it for?
  3. What does the exam look like?
  4. What subject areas does the exam cover?
  5. How long is the Dimaq certificate valid?
  6. What is recertification?
  7. How to prepare for the exam?
  8. A few words of encouragement


What is Dimaq?

DIMAQ (Digital Marketing Qualification) is an e-marketing competence certification programme which is well-regarded in the advertising industry. DIMAQ certificate holders must prove their comprehensive knowledge in 12 areas of digital marketing, such as strategy, display, social media, programmatic, as well as e-commerce and legal issues with Internet marketing. The certificate was developed by experts appointed by IAB Polska under the supervision of the IAB Polska Industry Competence Council and requires recertification every 2 years to ensure one’s knowledge about the dynamically developing digital communication market is up-to-date. The certificate has existed since 2015. There is a fee to take the exam.


Who is it for?

The Dimaq certificate is for you if you are professionally involved in e-marketing or marketing.

It’s worth taking the exam if you want to confirm your qualifications, knowledge and skills in the field of digital marketing. You can be certified at either the Basic or Professional level.


How to take the exam

The examination is conducted under the supervision of the commission at the office of IAB Polska in Warsaw, using a special examination platform.

The results of the exam are known immediately after the exam finishes.

The test verifies practical knowledge in 12 areas of e-marketing and checks the ability to apply it. It consists of 80 questions.

The Basic level exam contains single-choice questions.

The Professional level consists of multiple-choice questions.

You have 60 minutes to complete the test.

The pass threshold is 75% of correct answers.


What subjects does the exam cover? To obtain a certificate we must demonstrate our knowledge in 12 areas of e-marketing.



For more detail on the syllabus see: https://www.dimaq.pl/files/DIMAQ_sylabus.pdf

For how long is the Dimaq certificate valid?

Certificates are valid for two years. Each certificate is personal and has an individual number. Due to the rapid changes in the industry, it requires updating every 2 years.

You can extend the validity of the certificate by re-taking the exam or by taking part in the recertification program.


What is recertification?

Depending on which certificate we have, we have to collect a certain number of points by the end of the  validity period. Points earned must be reported via the Dimaq platform.

The Dimaq Basic certificate requires 50 points.

Dimaq Professional certification requires 100 points.


Recertification points are awarded for:

  1. university or postgraduate studies
  2. participation in IAB Polska working groups
  3. participation in industry conferences (as lecturer, speaker or participant)
  4. participation in training / workshops (as lecturer, speaker or participant)
  5. published articles on digital marketing


For more details see: https://www.dimaq.pl/eventy


How to prepare for the exam?

 Paid training: IAB Polska, as well as several other external companies, organizes paid training courses for the Dimaq exam. You can easily find information on the Internet, just enter the phrase “Dimaq training” in the search engine. The advantage of paid training is in the experience of a certified trainer, who thanks to his knowledge can significantly speed up the process of learning for the exam.


Working on your own: Getting to know the syllabus, taking a test of sample questions (you will find the test at the end of the syllabus). Use the knowledge base at https://www.iab.org.pl/baza-wiedzy/. It is also worth looking for a relevant book to help organise your knowledge. Just be sure to check the publication date. As we know, digital is a rapidly changing area and what was relevant a year ago may not be up to date today.


A few words of encouragement

The scope of the tested knowledge is obviously very wide. When browsing the syllabus and supporting materials, you may be tempted to put off taking the exam to another day. But I want to re-assure you that it isn’t as difficult as it looks. It is true that preparing for the exam takes effort, but remember that we digital and marketing people have a lot of this knowledge already. And preparing for the certification is very satisfying. It allows you to stop for a moment, and look at the areas we work with from a distance. I think that the adventure with the Dimaq certificate will inspire many of you to a new way of thinking about your work. Certainly some topics will be new to you. The exam itself takes place in a pleasant atmosphere. Yes, it is official, we are being inspected by a commission, there is no cheating, no talking, but…. Both before entering the examination room and after the exam, you will meet people from the industry who, like you, have decided to confirm their abilities with a Dimaq certificate. I can tell you honestly that emotions are strong and you will feel real joy when you see that you have passed the exam. You may ask “what would you say if you hadn’t passed the exam?” Honestly I don’t know. I like to think that I would still enjoy the more structured knowledge in my head, I would consider which area was still difficult for me. I would work on my weaknesses and I would probably take the exam again.


I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you, see you at the recertification events.


Aldona Racławska

Digital and Communication Director