Media Group helps creates the “Guide to Social Media in Poland” from the IAB

What use are YouTube, Instragram, TikTok, Facebook to the marketeer? Who uses social media in Poland? What are the latest communication trends in these channels? How can we optimally use these media organically, and how with paid tools? And finally – why is it worth communicating on social media at all?

You can find the answers to these and many more questions in the 88 pages of the Guide to Social Media in Poland, which has just been made available by IAB Polska.

In the guide you will find systematized knowledge on the use of social media. You will clearly see the differences between the channels and the opportunities offered by a brand’s presence in each of the social media discussed.

The publication was prepared by the Social Media Working Group of IAB Polska. Aldona Racławska and Paulina Wodzyńska-Chikhi from Media Group’s Digital department are members of the Working Group. Their main contributions to the Guide are in the sections concerning paid activities on YouTube, as well as descriptions and demographic analysis of Instagram, YouTube and TikTok users.


The “Guide to social media in Poland” can be downloaded for free from the IAB Poland website: