Media planning and purchase.

We make sure that the advertising message appears at the time and in the place where we find the target consumer. We plan and implement comprehensive communication and media buying strategies based on consumer research and insights. Reaching specific target groups requires an integrated approach - in campaign planning, we use all the research and databases available on the market, from which, thanks to our unique tools, we can produce meaningful analysis and actionable results. Media managers with several years of experience are responsible for planning campaigns in traditional media: Agnieszka, Krzysztof, Ania, Piotr, Krysia and Karolina. For each client, we build project teams that bring together specialists from all fields led by one of the media managers.


Transparent commercial policies of TV stations in Poland mean a very similar price for marketers for the buying of a TV campaign, regardless of which media house they use. Therefore rather than discounts, the way to achieve a competitive advantage in TV is through effective campaign planning and also the quality of buying implementation. The key to these is through what we do best: – knowledge, team experience and a very high level of commitment to work.



Anna Bilik
TV Buying Director

Our TV department is made up of people with know-how built over many years. Krzysztof, who has been working with TV planning for over 20 years, is responsible for the methodology and tools for planning campaigns. Together with Ania (9 years’ experience), they create communication strategies for all our TV clients. Kasia, who has been working in the industry for 11 years, supervises the quality of the campaign implementation. Together they manage the TV Buying team, each of whom has a minimum of several years’ experience. We have a full range of research and advanced tools needed to effectively plan TV campaigns - spot, sponsorship and branded content. We combine viewing from TV screen, laptop and mobile phone in multiscreen campaigns.


Although this is now an unfashionable medium it still has many important uses and our more senior planners in particular know it very well. Our proprietary tools for planning magazines – MCPS and daily press – DCPS give us an unique insight int the value of press title. We are an effective negotiator, as many of our clients have happily discovered. When planning nationwide and regional campaigns in the press, we consider not only price optimization, but also contextual matching of advertising to the content of the publication, and added-value editorial or PR cooperation.

Krystyna Oleszczuk
Account Manager


Thanks to our experts who have specialized in Out of Home campaign planning for many years, we have a long record of highly impactful and effective campaigns on many types of OOH media, including large format ads (megasites and murals), campaigns targeted around specific locations for example Kindergartens, indoor campaigns aimed at niche groups and digital signage. When the client has wanted to target a specific locations but no suitable existing OOH formats existed, we have constructed our own.

Karolina Sochan
Account Manager


Unlike most of the market we plan radio campaigns ourselves instead of relying on the radio saleshouses. Thanks to our proprietary planning tool, Enigma MG, we can optimise national and regional radio campaigns of different types: call-to-action, sales, information or education. Also, working with the Radio editorial teams we run non-standard forms like branded content, competitions, reports on events etc.

Piotr Godlewski
Account Manager


As well as video broadcasts in cinemas we also organise off-screen activities (coupons, samplings, posters, special shows, events and others). Cinema is highly impactful but not cheap so it is important to match the product to the audience of a given film to get a good return on investment – good knowledge of the medium and detailed planning is very important.

Piotr Godlewski
Account Manager