Merry Chrsitmas!

Christmas is a magical and much awaited time of joy.
The colourful Christmas tree makes us happy,
The presents for our loved ones make us happy,
Stopping for a moment to be here
and now together also makes us happy.
Together we can share some of this joy with animals
who really need our help. As a Christmas present, we have
donated to the Wzajemnie Pomocni Foundation
which helps wild and farmyard animals,
runs a shelter for cats and dogs,
and which this year has helped greyhounds
from Ukraine find a safe home in this time of crisis.
Help has many names!
With gratitude for your support and wishing you a calm and
merry Christmas,
deer, squirrels, hedgehogs, foxes, dogs, cats,
and the entire Media Group.

Fundacja Wzajemnie Pomocni | 05-180 Pomiechówek, Błędowo 14a |
account number: SWIFT POLUPLPR PL80 80110008 0020 0206 6936 0001

The mission of the Wzajemnie Pomocni Foundation is to help those who
are outside the system and do not have their own person who will take
them to a doctor when it is necessary.
This year over 100 wild animals were taken of care by the foundation,
including 20 deer, a sick elk, foxes, hedgehogs, hares, a bat, several
squirrels and dozens of birds. They are mostly young and have been
separated from their parents for various reasons.
“Kids like this mean sleepless nights for us. Soothers, bottle sterilization,
continuous feeding. There were 15 roe deer on the soother this year!”
said Gosia, co-founder of the Foundation.
“But we are happy when we can return a healthy animal to nature,” adds
Iza, who runs the Foundation with Gosia.
Right now, there are 125 dogs in the shelter, including 26 puppies. More
than 20 dogs come from Ukraine.
Bartek, Małgorzata’s son, brought them in humanitarian transports,
bringing aid for people and animals to areas affected by military
operations. He saved over 40 animals. Some of them found homes in
Poland. The rest stayed with the Foundation.
“The whole country helps people, and you help the most helpless ones”
said Viktoriia, one of the refugees. Małgorzata helped her and her dogs.