Mobile Applications article by Spicy Mobile

The “Mobile Applications” report has just been published by Spicy Mobile. Among 31 provoking articles developed by industry experts you will find a really interesting piece especially for those who are thinking about “mobile applications – how to start”?

Agata Milewska, head of marketing at Green Caffè Nero, in an interview with Aldona Racławska, head of the digital department at Media Group and author of the campaign strategy promoting the application, shares her experience of designing mobile applications to answer the needs of the user.

From the article we also learn about the best tools to promote mobile applications. Paulina Wodzyńska-Chikhi, a digital specialist at Media Group who was responsible for the implementation of the campaign, says:

The campaign has been optimized to maximize coverage using Google. By choosing the most effective advertising formats we were able to reach potential users everywhere on the internet: in the search engine, on YouTube, on websites displaying Google Ads, and in the Google Play store. Thanks to this, from April until the publication of the report, we managed to obtain around 40,000 users, and this result is growing by another thousand each week.

You can download the electronic version of the report from: