We support a safe digital advertising ecosystem! We have joined the Qualid program.

Qualid is a program aimed at defining standards and promoting effective solutions that have a positive impact on building trust in the internet as an effective medium for promotion.
The Qualid certificate distinguishes entities that meet the requirements demonstrating their commitment to providing high-quality online advertising.
The program focuses on four key areas crucial to ensuring the quality of online advertising:

  • Brand Safety – increasing brand image protection and safety.
  • Anti-Fraud – reducing fraudulent activities related to advertisements and setting market standards for reporting suspicious traffic.
  • Programmatic – enhancing the safety and transparency of automated purchasing of internet advertisements.
  • Viewability – increasing the importance of comprehensive qualitative evaluation of the effectiveness of digital advertisements.

We are proud to announce that we have become a signatory of the Qualid program and have obtained the certificate in all four areas.
The list of Qualid program signatories is available on the website https://www.iab.org.pl/kdprp/